The biggest surprise for people who take the workshop is that they find drawing is so hugely accessible. People find that they can draw. It’s wonderful how amazed they are by this.
-Timothy Hawkesworth

Art Workshops

Studio space is provided with 350 acres to explore. The relationships with the land and the animals is heart-felt as artists get to experience this connection for themselves. It is a chance to immerse yourself in your work while being open and expanded by the rich environment of the farm.

Workshops are geared to each participant and their particular vision to allow for exploration and breakthroughs. From those who haven’t made art since they were kids, to those who show professionally, these workshops will open doorways and energize and deepen your relationship with your art and your life.

Tim Hawkesworth conducts these workshops with Lala Zeitlyn at Spring Hills Farm and also at the Norristown Arts Building, Massachusetts College of Art, Montserrat College of Art, Bennington College in Vermont and other venues around the country. Tim also lectures at these and other venues around the country. To learn more about Tim visit his website:

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