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Spring Hills provides excellent conditions for many varieties of pine, including the burley Red Pines, the winnowy White Pines and the sturdy and dependable Scotch Pines. Red Pines have a long needle and thick, red limbs with plenty of space for hanging large ornaments. White Pines are not white at all and have a long soft needle and delicate branches. This is a great tree if you have pets or children who might be tempted to wander into the branches. Scotch Pines come in a range of colors, and have a medium length, firm needle and sturdy branches able to hold moderately heavy ornaments and decorations.
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Spruces have a rather unfortunate reputation for being ill-tempered and a bit sharp. They make beautiful trees, often with the quintessential Christmas tree shape. The needles are indeed sharp, but it really only seems like they are reaching out to grab you. They don’t do it on purpose, we promise. The Blue Spruce takes its name from the sometimes striking blue tint of the needles. It has straight, evenly spaced branches perfect for that special family ornament that you don’t want the cat playing with. The White and Norway Spruce are equally smart trees and we have a limited selection of them.


The Douglas Fir, as a result of a relentless marketing campaign, is perhaps the most popular Christmas tree. With it light green color and soft medium length needles, it is a great mix of features. It is however, nearly impossible for us to grow in great quantities, so pick one out early. But don’t forget about the Frazer Firs, which has much to offer. The Frazer Fir has a beautiful deep green color and very firm but soft short needles. The underside of each needles sports a different tone, and the contrast can be striking.