Every year, especially during the month of December, we celebrate the importance of this growing, changing, caring and diverse community we all share.

For 35 years there have been no chemical sprays, fungicides or insecticides used on the farm. Each tree is pruned by hand. Any unfavorable insects are removed by hand.  Bird and other critter habitats are respected. We have fun when we shear them.

We will be open for business every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our hours those days are 9:00 am until 4:30 pm. 


This season we have a limited number of trees. We think we may sell out! The available species are White Pine, Red Pine, Blue Spruce, and White Spruce. We won’t have any fir trees because we are not buying in trees this year. Most of the trees are between 5 and 7 feet.


A beautiful selection of fresh and handmade wreaths from Entropy Acres in Glover, Vermont. 

We have both balsam and cedar/white pine wreaths from 18” in diameter to 38” in diameter.

Maple Syrup:

Our amazing maple syrup comes from the stands of wild maples growing in the woods here on the farm. We offer it to you in 5 various sizes: 200 ml flasks, 375 ml flasks, pints, quarts, and ½ gallon growlers. 


This year we also have introduced several beehives into one of the blueberry patches.

Raw honey is available in ½ pint glass jars. Amazing, and in very limited supply. 


We have Skeins and roving from our flock of Jacob sheep.  

It is 100% naturally-processed undyed wool. Since the Jacob breed of sheep is 

spotted, the skeins are either a dark brown/black, a creamy white, or a rich gray in color.

Hand-Made African Crafts:  

This year we are joined by Pagus Africa, a small non-profit organization centered in the Volta Region of Ghana in West Africa.  Pagus Africa provides education for young people since 2000.  All money from sales of these beautiful crafts goes directly to the programs. The classes and programs are, by this point in time, primarily run and taught by folks who have graduated from these programs. 

Happy Holidays from the entire Spring Hills Farm family!